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Several records were set over the last year with respect to international lottery jackpots. In Europe, the EuroMillions saw a grand pot of Euro 185 Million. Even more recently in 2012, the US Megamillions which is the largest annuitized jackpot in the world, stood over half a billion US dollars.

Responding to growing public demand, PlayHugeLottos, a UK based company has developed a facility for people to play international lotteries from whichever country they're based. To play, click on any of the jackpot banners on this site, sign up and you're good to go - the process is simple and secure.

For your convenience, we've collated some country specific pages including the most popular international lotteries that are being played in each country. For example, please visit our buy lottery tickets online in India page if you're Indian.

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A specific request from expats living abroad, particularly in the Caribbean islands, is to be able to buy European and UK lottery tickets online. Now you can play UK lottery from Trinidad or anywhere in the Caribbean. Sign up today and you could be on a holiday for life with a win of up to a massive 42,000,000 British Pounds!

For more of the latest international lottery jackpots available for those currently living in the Caribbean, please check out our daily updated individual pages:

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- Buy lottery ticket online Puerto Rico

Please check back soon for more country specific offers to buy lottery tickets online.

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